Welcome to the Buller District, South Island New Zealand - Westport, Punakaiki, Karamea, Reefton!

Flanking the Tasman Sea the Buller District extends from the famous Pancake Rocks & Blowholes at Punakaiki in the south, through Westport (the largest town in Buller) to Karamea and the Kahurangi National Park in the north. Inland to the east is the characterful pioneering gold mining town of Reefton.

The lives of people here have been shaped by the heroic landscape, and our settlements still display plenty of pioneering spirit. For visitors, there's our famous West Coast hospitality and a boggling array of adventure and recreation possibilities to suit any taste - with wild and tranquil rivers, dramatic seascapes, impressive wilderness and nature that will come to you.

To see what Buller has to offer, click on any of the above menu items (or the attractions on this page). Or click on Karamea, Westport, Reefton or Punakaiki on the map above for a close up look into the 4 main areas within the Buller District.



8 great things to do in the Buller!

Don’t think we’re going to leave it all up to you to organize. Here’s our Top-8 must-do activities to kick-start your Buller holiday. Explore dramatic coastlines or go inland for wilderness and adventure. [More]
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Action & Adventure starts here

Get off the beaten track and experience thrilling outdoor adventures. Buller offers some of the best hiking, rafting, caving, horse-trekking, mountainbiking and 4WD adventures to be had in the whole country. [More]

All the Buller Nature Walks

A myriad of walking tracks, mostly through rainforest, give easy access to Buller’s most special places. Experience nature up close as you traverse sculptured coastlines and gaze in awe at massive arches and caves. [More]

On the main touring routes!

Chances are that your South Island holiday will already lead you to Buller. We’re at the top of the West Coast and an easy 3-4 hour drive from main tourist destinations of Nelson, Christchurch, Kaikoura, and Glaciers. [More]

Our National & Conservation Parks

Some of New Zealand’s finest protected lands lie in Buller. In the north, Kahurangi National Park is a vast wilderness, while in the south the stunning Paparoa National Park. Inland, you’ll find Victoria Conservation Park. [More]

Our Wild Coastline & Beaches

Pancake Rocks and Blowholes at Punakaiki is a crowd-puller, but don’t miss out on strolling a few of our wild, wilderness beaches. Go barefoot in the surf, or just beachcomb your day away.

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